CerebralMix 2015 Roundup Part One

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Today on CerebralMix 2015 Roundup Part One, we start of with the ambient and experimental categories of music. This is one of the largest categories when it comes to Creative Commons music. This year alone I have waded through over 1000 releases, unfortunately many of them didn’t make the cut.

CerebralMix 2015-12-21: Poetry Series Episode 20

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CerebralMix 2015-12-21: Poetry Series Episode 20 is the conclusion of the poetry series for this year, and the final Poetry Series episode to stream on #OO Radio. The image for this week’s show was chosen before I decided to do a final, post Poetry Series on #OO Radio. It was supposed to be a depiction of the horizon, allowing for the anticipation of what’s to come after we leave the stream. But now it will just have to be the horizon for this series, and what is to come in the next year for the show.

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